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The Timeshare Resale FAQ’s
If you are ready to resell your timeshare the last thing you need is a long, stressful process. Read through these frequently asked questions to see how easy reselling timeshare can be when you work with a smart and reliable timeshare resale advertising company like Secondary Ownership Group.

I've Listed Before with NO Offers Or Phone Calls, Why?
Most people are not aware that it's prohibitive by federal law in the U.S.A for a timeshare resale company to resell a timeshare unless they are a licensed real-estate broker.  Approximately 95% of the U.S resale company’s are not licensed and do not have ANY sales agents. No matter what the Agents tell you, do your homework. To determine if they are licensed, view the company's TERMS & CONDITIONS at the bottom of their websites.

Here is an excerpt of the typical Terms and Conditions from the Top US websites according to the leading internet search engines.

1, "Company A" does not personally assist you in the sale/rental of your Timeshare, including (but not limited to) showing your property, other than by posting on this Web Site the property descriptions and photographs provided by you, our Advertiser


2, “Company A"is a For-Sale-By-Owner advertising company that is not a real estate broker. The advertising program involves pooling advertising resources to maximize exposure to potential buyers or renters.

3, “Company A” forwards all inquires about my property directly to me, and allows me to negotiate the sale of my property without the involvement of any broker,
and without any commission.

If I Originally Purchased from a Resort Can I Resell My Timeshare?
Yes! Regardless of when or where you purchased your timeshare, you are entitled to resell it.

Do I Need A Real Estate Agent ?

No! A timeshare is not a traditional piece of real estate. For those who prefer it, assistance is available through Secondary Ownership Group. We will assist the timeshare resellers who want as little as possible to do with the process of finding a buyer and settling on a sale price.

Do I Need an Appraisal to Sell Timeshare?
No, your timeshare property was not "appraised" when you purchased it, and it does not need to be appraised to be resold. If you are interested in the resale value of your timeshare, please call one of our full time agents.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle the Timeshare Closing?

You are always welcome to get a lawyer involved at any point.  Here at Secondary Ownership Group we take care of all the closing for you.

How Long Will it Take to Resell My Timeshare?

No one can accurately determine a specific length of time .There are many factors that will influence the resale of your timeshare including location, resort quality, flexibility of usage, season, demand and, of course, price. 

  Fill out the from below and one of our agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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